Taliban promises 100kg of gold for cartoonist's head

The Afghanistan-based movement Taliban has promised a reward of 100 kilograms of gold to the person who kills those who made the controversial drawings of Prophet Muhammad.

Talib Mullah Dadullah called an Islamic news agency in Afghanistan and said: “If someone finds and kills the cartoonist, whose drawings were published in the Danish newspaper, the Taliban will give him 100 kg of gold.”

The Talib man also said that the movement will give five kilos of gold to those who kills military men of Denmark, Germany and Norway. It is worthy of note that the military contingents of these countries were deployed in Afghanistan within the scope of the international efforts to maintain security in the war-torn country. Mullah Dadullah said that the number of those volunteering for suicide bombers had increased after the publication of the cartoons.

In the meantime it is not going to be easy to find the people who drew the cartoons: they agreed to make them under the condition of anonymity.

Afghanistan has become the country where protests against the controversial caricatures have turned into massive and bloody riots. The police opened fire on the protesters in the town of Qalat who attempted to make their way to a US army base. About 500 demonstrators protesting against the publication of the cartoons started stoning the policemen guarding the base. The police had to open fire in return: two Afghans were killed, 14 others were wounded.

Six people have been killed in Afghanistan and over 30 injured during only five days of clashes with the police. Another attack on a foreign military base occurred in the town of Maymana early on Tuesday where the Norwegian contingent is deployed. An Afghan man was killed and five others wounded in the clash. Two Norwegian servicemen suffered minor injuries.

Norway was the second European country after Denmark who published the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov