Polish leader humiliates Russia in connection with Ukrainian crisis

There is the impression that this was not the statement of a president

Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has released quite harsh statements regarding Russia's stance on the Ukrainian poll crisis. The Polish leader particularly said that “Russia without Ukraine is better than Russia with Ukraine.” Kwasniewski pointed out USA's special interests at that and stated that any closer ties between Russia and Ukraine would not be good for the US administration. “What is the point of that if Russia gets Ukraine? Russia is retrieving its positions in the world, it is normal. But why should it use 50 million Ukrainians?” the Polish president concluded.

As far as Ukraine's future is concerned, Kwasniewski has virtually acknowledged that Viktor Yushchenko would be the nation's elected president. Expressing his point of view regarding Russia's reaction to Yushchenko's possibilities to take the office, the Polish leader emphasized that “Russians will swallow this pill and start cooperating with Ukraine normally.” “One should bear it in mind: a new sovereign public and political subject has appeared on the map of Europe. A Ukrainian is not a colored Russian. Treat this Ukrainian as a member of the European politics. Do not say that Turkey is to join the EU first and everyone will think about Ukraine afterwards,” Kwasniewski gave his pieces of advice to both Russia and Europe.

President Putin's reaction to Aleksander Kwasniewski's statements followed immediately. Putin particularly described them as “incorrect:”  "There is the impression that this was not the statement of a president, but of a man looking for a job in communication after his term expires," Putin said at a press conference. "I am not sure this statement can be considered correct."

The Russian president added that one should analyze Kwasniewski statements: "We are not going to annex anything. If the statement is read as an attempt to restrict Russia's capability of developing relations with its neighbors, it can be viewed as the desire to isolate the Russian Federation," he said.

Vladimir Putin stressed out that he strongly disagreed upon the attempts to solve political issues on the post-Soviet space outside the legal framework: “I am concerned about the attempts to solve political questions with the use of illegal methods, to create the system of permanent revolutions. Such attempts may lead to a series of continuous conflicts on the post-Soviet space. One should get used to living in compliance with the law,” the head of state concluded.

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Author`s name Olga Savka