The mere tip of the iceberg

“The US must support democracy in Ukraine,” “USA has to stop Putin,” “USA has to…”, “It's America's duty to…” and so on and so forth. Such is the overall tone of the American media these days in regards to the events in Ukraine.

Come to think of it though, American are not the only media sources to portray the Ukrainian crisis this way. Arab News for instance, also urges George Bush to support Victor Yushchenko. Overall, the West not only should but simply has to interfere with the Ukrainian elections, for the good of Ukrainians, of course.

Obviously, the topic of American interference with the Ukrainians elections remains the most widely discussed nowadays. The fact that Russia spent either 600 million USD or 2 billion USD to support Yanukovich has already become common knowledge, thanks to the opposition's remarkable efforts. But do they have any way to prove this?

American aid however is viewed by the “orange party” strictly as a mean to “support democracy.” Americans will do anything for the sake of democracy! So it seems that Ukrainian delegate of Verkhovnaya Rada Georgi Kryuchkov will ever get a coherent answer to his plea. A few days ago, the delegate asked his colleagues from Ukrainian secret services and the Ministry of Finances to supply Verkhovnaya Rada with materials that would demonstrate “how and by means of what specific channels official state financial means of the US find their way to Ukraine and who decides how to spend them there.” According to Kryuchkov, this has to do with the recent case of promulgation of statements of the US officials and of Congressman Ron Paul in particular. According to Krryuchkov, the statement mentions specific appropriations provided to one of the candidate's elections campaign, of Victor Yushchenko to be exact, by the Americans.

During his last week's address, Ron Paul has basically accused American administration in funding Victor Yushchenko’s political campaign. Paul’s colleagues preferred to completely disregard the statement. At the same time, it would have been rather strange had the Congress paid close attention at it. Only press-secretary Scott McClellan mentioned once again that the White House didn't wish to interfere with the events in Ukraine.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov