Ukraine: day five. Political crises continues

Despite the fact that supporters of Victor Yushchenko prefer to refer to the current events in Ukraine as “revolution” instead of “crisis”, the fact remains unchanged – the two sides of the country have been showing resistance for five days in a row.

Time and weather are not on the opposition’s side however. One must assume at this point that Victor Yushchenko and his administrative group are perfectly aware of the fact that their chance to win the “battle” depends solely on the crowd's mood. However, it is impossible to support the fighting spirit forever. Some of the supporters of the opposition leader openly claim that in case no active measures will be taken by Sunday, the initiative will soon escape them never to return.

The opposition has already taken active measures. National safety committee created by numerous supporters of Victor Yushchenko has already begun taking state’s authorities under its control, says head of the committee Alexander Zinchenko. This could be concluded from the fact that opposition supporters have blocked presidential administrative buildings.

As a result of such actions, not only the delegates, but the country’s current president Leonid Kuchma along with Victor Yanukovich was unable to get to his workplace. A rumor has it that Kuchma intends to make a statement to resign from the post and hand all his powers to Victor Yanukovich. Such turn of the events appears in no way satisfying for the opposition.

More so, current events in Ukraine have turned into the major problem of international politics. On November 25th the Hague hosted just another Russia-EU summit. Initially, the summit was scheduled to begin two weeks prior to the actual date. However, due to the difficulties with the Euro commission, it had been postponed. This is rather sad, since the entire summit’s work was focused on discussing Ukrainian presidential elections.

However, according to an expert from the Institute of strategic and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin, such turn of the events was quite sudden and for the most part, caused by tense atmosphere in the country. It is no secret that Moscow and Brussels support two different candidates. This is why both countries view current situation differently. It would have been virtually impossible to refrain from analyzing Ukrainian elections altogether.

As it is known, neither the EU nor the United States have acknowledged the results of Ukrainian presidential elections; both parties have accused Ukrainian authorities in falsifying the election’s results. Russia, on the contrary, considers the results to be legitimate. Vladimir Putin has already congratulated Victor Yanukovich not once but two times with the victory. While at the Hague, the Russian president has stated that all controversial questions should be solved within the framework of the existing constitution and the laws. As for the claims, they should be addressed directly to court. “I am certain of the fact that we possess no moral right to push this large European state to some sort of mass riots,” said Vladimir Putin. Prime minister of Netherlands Ian Peter Balkenede in turn remarked that the European Union “cannot accept Ukrainian elections results.”

However, the EU will not go beyond diplomatic pressure and will not administer political and economic sanctions against the Ukrainian leadership headed by Victor Yanukovich, considers French newspaper Liberation, with a reference to an anonymous European diplomat. Alexander Khramchikhin fully agrees with the above-mentioned statement. According to the statement, the EU will simply be unable to ignore Ukraine as is the case with Belarus nowadays. Sooner or later, it will acknowledge Victor Yanukovich as the country’s legitimate president.

In the meantime, a real EU commando has landed in the capital of Ukraine. Polish president Alexander Kvasnevsky is currently in Kiev as well as president of Litva Valdas Adamkus, EU representative Javier Solana and OSCE secretary general Ian Kubish. All of them wished to act as mediators between all parties involved in the conflict (i.e. Leonid Kuchma, Victor Yanukovich and Victor Yushchenko).

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov