Ukrainian presidential election leads to coup d'etat

The two presidential candidates receive almost the same number of votes

Ukrainian electoral committees have analyzed 75.24 percent of ballot papers. According to preliminary information, Viktor Yanukovich takes an insignificant advantage of Viktor Yushchenko with 48.65% against 47.72%. The Central Electoral Committee of Ukraine said, Yanukovich received 10 million 266 thousand 490 votes, whereas Yushchenko enjoyed 9 million 965 thousand 885 votes.

When the first results of the presidential election were announced in Ukraine at 03:00 Moscow times, Viktor Yushchenko left the press room of the Central Electoral Committee in silence. He told reporters later that he did not trust the election results as exposed by the Ukrainian Central Electoral Committee. Viktor Yushchenko called upon the Ukrainian citizens to organize a meeting of protest on Monday morning: “We do not trust the work of the Central Electoral Committee and the results that they obtain on the base of falsified documents,” Yushchenko was quoted as saying.

The turnout at the second stage of the presidential election in Ukraine made up 79 percent, the chairman of the national Central Electoral Committee, Sergei Kivalov said. The turnout during the first stage of the election made up 74.56 percent, he added. Only three percent of Ukrainians voted against the two candidates.

Viktor Yanukovich's headquarters has announced the victory of their candidate. “The preliminary calculation of votes gives every reason to say that Viktor Yanukovich has 3.4-3.5% more votes than his rival, Viktor Yushchenko,” the chairman of Yanokovich's headquarters, Sergei Tigipko said. “The sooner the final results are announced, the faster the country returns to its normal life. We all are tired of this uncertainty. We will agree upon the final results of the presidential election, no matter who is named the winner,” he added.

Presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko intends to apply to the European Parliament, the OSCE and the EU in connection with falsifications of the presidential election in Ukraine. “We will prepare a special address to the European Parliament, the OSCE, the European Union and the majority of countries of the world,” Yushchenko stated in Kiev. According to Yushchenko, the fundamental right of Ukrainian citizens has been violated in Ukraine, which gives him a reason to attract the attention of the international community to the issue.

”The coup d'etat has started in the Donetsk region, at Yanukovich's headquarters. It is just a question of time, which surprises that team has prepared,” Viktor Yushchenko said. He stressed out that he made no doubt about his victory at the Ukrainian election.

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Author`s name Olga Savka