CIA prepared to put special agents' lives at higher risk

Everybody knows about CIA's grand failures made during recent several years

Porter Goss, the CIA Director, has started reforming the work of the department. Two countries, Iran and North Korea, will apparently become the first priority in the activity of the US intelligence. Goss will test CIA's new work methods on these two countries.

According to the information received from the USA Today, it is planned to launch a more aggressive spying campaign against Iran and North Korea. The CIA director believes that traditional work methods used with such countries as Iran and N.Korea are not justifiable at all. Special services used to recruit foreign informants under the diplomatic disguise. The new strategy will be totally different from that practice. Special emphasis will be laid on training field agents that will help obtain information in a much more efficient way.

The CIA administration is very hopeful as far as new work methods are concerned. They believe that the agent-collected information will be a lot more valuable than the one obtained from local informants or special agents from allied countries. However, the administration of the US intelligence is already prepared for considerable losses among “disguised” CIA agents: the use of the new system will put their lives at much higher risk.

Porter Goss would probably not agree to carry out such changes, if he were not forced to do so because of certain circumstances. Everybody knows about CIA's grand failures made during recent several years. Changes were supposed to happen sooner or later, although one does not know if they improve the work of the American intelligence.

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Author`s name Olga Savka