Bush stays in the office to continue the war

Bush is basically accused of dictatorship, whereas Kerry is considered a dweeb

The USA is still summing up the results of the presidential election. The final results of the voting  is not going to be exposed soon (the processing of 250 thousand absentee ballots in Ohio may take up to ten days), although it is already possible to state that the incumbent President of the United States will leave the office in the White House only in 2008. George Bush is leading. It is noteworthy that Bush's victory this year is not easier than in 2000, even if the matter does not end up with litigations and manual recalculation of ballots.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the presidential election in the USA attracts global attention and raises incredible interest all over the world. It is not a surprising phenomenon at all, because too many global issues depend on the person in the office of building 1600 in Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. The US president rules people's lives in many different parts of the globe, not only in America – it is a fact.

The incumbent American president is unique in many ways. George W. Bush has managed to earn numerous enemies both inside and outside the United States. Such an accomplishment is beyond anyone else's capacities. However, people's hatred of Bush will not change anything. Since George W. Bush has been reelected, one shall presume that Americans consider their president a good leader, who can handle his work quite well. In addition, it means that US citizens agree with the political and economic course of the current American administration.

One should not expect any considerable changes in the American foreign policy. George Bush's administration will definitely keep its tough attitude to other countries, which dare to stand in Washington's way. The four years of Bush's regime extended the list of US traditional enemies (Iran and North Korea) with such American staunch allies like France, for example. No one will bomb the French, of course (although it is quite possible to happen as far Iran and N.Korea are concerned), but it took Bush mere months to ruin many years of friendly relations between the two countries.

Considerable changes in the relations between the USA and Russia are not likely to follow. Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush experience mutual sympathy to each other, which is considered the determining factor of relations between the two countries. The present-day American leader does not criticize the political views of his Russian colleague much. If Bush says something negative on the matter, he is highly careful in his statements. This situation is good both for Moscow and Washington. That is why Putin supported Bush before the election, although Putin is perfectly aware of the fact that the policy of the current US administration does not enjoy great popularity in Russia.

To crown it all, Bush's win will relieve Moscow of the need to set up and develop contacts with John Kerry's administration. In general, almost all experts say that the relations between Russia and the USA will not change much in the event the Democratic candidate wins the race. Bush only needed to look into Putin's eyes four years ago to develop sympathy for the Russian president. It is not ruled out that Kerry would not be such a sentimental person.

Despite all problems and troubles with the results of the voting, Bush might gain the vast majority of electors' votes – 286, Andrew Card, the White House Chief of Staff believes. “We are convinced that President Bush has won reelection with at least 286 Electoral College votes, and he also had a margin of three and a half million popular votes. President Bush's decisive margin of victory makes this the first presidential election since 1988 in which the winner received the majority of the popular vote,” said he on Wednesday.

However, Bush's record does not remove the confrontation between Democrats and Republicans. Almost all pre-election campaigns in the States are usually described as “dirty” when they are over. The current campaign is not an exception. The headquarters of the two central candidates prepared tons of compromising material to discredit Bush and Kerry in voters' eyes. Bush was basically accused of leading the nation to dictatorship. Republicans portrayed Kerry as a dweeb, who is incapable of handling any problems. Those were the two options that the Americans had to choose from. The majority of US citizens preferred to vote for “dictator” Bush.

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Author`s name Olga Savka