Bush should have been Putin's pupil to ensure victory

If George W. Bush accepted help of his friend president Putin, the American president would have been already celebrating his victory, writes German weekly magazine Focus.

“To learn from the USSR means learning to win,” this slogan used to be very popular among young pioneers in DDR. George Bush has never been a pioneer, has never been to DDR and perhaps, has been absolutely unaware of this old slogan. This time, however, the American president should have paraphrased the slogan just a little bit. For instance, the new version could have sounded like this: “To learn from Vladimir means learning to win.” In that case, Mr. Bush would not have been hesitant of  his victory at all, chuckle many of the Russian opposition leaders.

It is noteworthy to mention that today's American presidential elections bear no significance for majority of Russians; they think of Kerry as a mere Ketchup drop, due to his wife’s riches, notes the edition.

Bush’s friend Vladimir possess ultimate control over his subjects that whenever the election day approaches those are mainly Russian people themselves that shake in their shoes, out of fear of enraging their “king” by casting less than 60% of votes for him.

Had Mr. Bush followed the example of the Russian leader and a former KGB officer, all billionaires and president's enemies like George Soros for example, would have long been imprisoned. In that case, they would have been deprived of a chance to finance election campaign of Bush's main rival, stated famous Russian journalist Matvey Ganapolsky in his open interview with the “Echo of Moscow.”

Tactical instructions from St. Petersburg

Not long before the war was officially over in April of 2003, Putin has taught a lesson to his American colleague on the matters of “Controlled democracy”.

It appears rather strange that American armed forces have difficulties finding any proofs of WMD in Iraq, used to state head of the Kremlin along with Shroeder and Chirac. Had “his people” searched for the weapons of mass destructions there, they would have discovered it in no time, grins ex-KGB officer. Bush refused to listen more attentively and now could face arbitrariness from the voter's side, writes Focus.

Putin is entitled to wash his hands: Russian president has made an announcement in support of Bush prior to the elections. Well, this should not appear surprising, since Putin never abandons his friends. Bush in turn refrains from criticizing Putin’s authoritarian politics. Things are different with Kerry however, Being a democrat, he may attempt to restore and protect all democratic principles in Russia – such is Kremlin's elementary calculation, which is solely based on fear.

Ricochet from Kremlin

Sometimes, too much support can be damaging. Ukraine, which has hosted presidential elections this past weekend, is a good example of it. Moscow has sent an entire battalion of its officials to aid with the elections campaign. Perhaps, they were the ones to turn Ukrainian national flag upside down on their posters while agitating Ukrainians to cast their votes for the Kremlin’s candidate. Then again, it is rather hard to imagine a flag with stars and stripes, where stars are at the bottom…Perhaps, Bush did the right thing by refusing to learn the art of winning form his Russian colleague, notes the magazine.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov