Steroid use claims another victim

A Plano Texas high school student wanted to look bigger and leaner – rather than using body building, he used steroids.

Steroid use is nothing new in the US, but the use of steroids to build the perfect body is rising dramatically.   Often times with a deadly aftermath.

Taylor Hooton, was one of those who wanted to have an Apollo like body the easy way.  As his steroid use started growing out of hand, he behavior did too.  He started putting his fist through walls, throwing telephones, cutting himself with a knife, and he became rage filled.  There were other indicators something was not right, Talyor can from a family of means, but he stole a laptop computer.  His parents intervened and after several months, Taylor convinced everyone that he was ‘clean’.  But the bizarre behavior continued.

One day, Talyor fashioned a noose and hanged himself.  When he was found, he was dead. 

While looking through their late son's possessions, his parents found evidence that Taylor had been dishonest about being clean – several capsules and two vials of steroids. 

At the height of his addiction, Taylor was taking a pill a day and injecting himself with steroids twice a week. 

The steroids that body builders and people like Taylor take are not medical steroids which are used to clear inflammation.  Doctors have found the limited use of medical quality steroids do wonders, but when black market steroids are used to build body mass, the results and side affects are unpredictable.  The damage black market steroids cause can, as in this case, was deadly. 

In an image conscious world, too many people want to take the fast path to having beautiful bodies with little regard to the damage caused to themselves.  It is not that the dangers are known, but we have a mindset of live fast and leave a great looking corpse.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov