North Korean hackers sabotage computer networks of South Korea

Prestigious North Korean schools train over 100 hackers every year

South Korea is deeply concerned about a forthcoming large cyber-attack, which is currently being prepared by its neighbor, North Korea. Special services in Seoul determined that North Korean armed forces had a regiment of hackers, which could paralyze the computer system of South Korea at any moment. The hackers are especially interested in the systems of defense and informational security departments.

About 500 hackers have been trained at Kim il Sung's military academy. “Electronic warriors” finished five years of special courses; up to 100 of qualified computer specialists graduate from the academy every year. Other elite N.Korean schools train hackers too.

South Korean officials are very concerned about the national computer security. The government of the country believes all departments should join their efforts to prevent the stealing of secret information.

Military officials of South Korea acknowledged in their report that the capabilities of the N.Korean intelligence had achieved the level of developed countries. A high-ranking official said that N.Korean computer specialists had already hacked South Korean networks. North Korea also conducts online propaganda: the country has launched six websites recently, which praise the N.Korean regime. In addition, there are other 26 sites on the web, created to support North Korea, albeit they are not connected with its special services or the government.

North Korean hackers attack not only South Korean networks, but also cause damage to Japan's electronic systems of defense and other important departments. Hackers attacked servers of the Japanese foreign ministry, the defense administration and the prime-minister's office two months ago. Perpetrators spammed and paralyzed the computer networks and downed a lot of websites. It is not ruled out that the cyber-attack came from North Korea too.

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Author`s name Olga Savka