World polls show the US is considered to be the major threat to world peace

In an article from the Christian Science Monitor, come some chilling numbers.

And, I quote:
“Majorities in 7 out of 8 Muslim countries worry about a military threat from the United States - that includes 74 percent in Indonesia, 72 percent in Nigeria, 72 percent in Pakistan, and 71 percent in Turkey.”

In Europe, “The post-9/11 perception in Europe is that the US is acting solely in its own interest, without regard for the interests of its allies. Among Germans, 85 percent held this view; French, 80 percent; British, 73 percent; and Italians, 68 percent.

How many of America's traditional friends in Europe join the Muslims in considering the United States a threat to world peace? Eighty-eight percent of Greeks, 63 percent of the Dutch, 55 percent of the British. And a surprisingly low 52 percent of the French.”

“The Pew Global Attitudes Project, which conducted a great deal of the research, concludes that the war in Iraq has further inflamed the Muslim world and widened the rift with Western Europe.”

It should be noted too that a recent poll conducted in Russia also echoes the same sentiment when 3 out of every 4 Russians polled said that the United States is far too aggressive for comfort.

My thanks to Daniel Schorr, and the Chrisitan Science Monitor.

Michael Berglin