Saddam's man longs to live in Israel

Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” has published sensational material.
Ali Vikhayab, who's worked as chief of office of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for 13 years, knew everything about the Iraqi leader. He was with Saddam when Israelis bombed Iraqi nuclear reactor. He accompanied the tyrant on his way to the scud's launching place. He was also the one to bring Saddam women.

One day, Vikhayab realized that Saddam intended to rid of him. Fleeing Iraq was not an easy task. Ali managed to escape nonetheless. After being hesitant for a long time and feeling quite unsafe on the British Isles, Ali decided to give exclusive interview to Smadar Perry, a correspondent of “Yediot Aharonot” in London.

According to the story told by Vikhayaba, Hussein was not hesitant about the fact that Israeli had bombed Iraqi nuclear reactor only thanks to traitor's help. “He was enraged, remembers Ali, -he phoned me and ordered to send those responsible for the rector's security directly to him…Apparently, they weren't merely criticized. None of them ever returned. Saddam would get a hold of his gun in front of his bodyguards and yell “traitor”. Then he would fire point-blank.”

According to Vikhayaba, Saddam's special services have finally disclosed one French engineer, who had been involved in the construction process of the reactor. He would film everything with his hidden camera and transfer the data to Mossad (Israeli institute of intelligence). If we were to believe former leader of Hussein's office, Israeli pilots effortlessly accomplished their missions thanks to the Frenchman. In the end, this Frenchman found refuge in Israel. This fact enraged Saddam.

Saddam had mixed feelings toward Israel. He hated the Jewish state while at the same time it made him tremble. Even while bombing Israel during the Gulf War, he, though Al-Kasem, attempted to calm down Yitzhak Shamir  who used to be Israel's Prime minister at the time. Saddam would say he “did not even intended to launch chemical missiles.”

Saddam was very fearful of being poisoned. That is why special precautions had to be taken when handling foreign correspondence. Each envelope was gently opened, each letter was photocopied and the original burnt. Everyone who had private meetings with Saddam was thoroughly searched. Exceptions were made only for Saddam’s five sons, his son-in-law, vice president Duri and the second vice president Tahi Yassin Ramadan. It is noteworthy to mention, that Saddam would thoroughly search his brothers upon their arrival to the palace.

Camal Janaho, who was in fact Christian, used to be Saddam’s personal taster. His father in fact occupied a post of the palace’s head chef. Janaho's main responsibility was tasting all the dishes 40 minutes prior to Saddam’s meal time. Saddam’s calculations proved to be right: father would never poison his own son. Nonetheless, taster’s destiny ended rather tragically. When in 1996 Janaho brought in a third wife to the dictator, Udaui slaughtered him with hammer. Saddam in turn ordered to have Udai arrested and tried as a common killer not like the president’s son. Judge however was in no rush to come up with the verdict. The entire “incident” was settled with Udai transfer to a Swiss clinic for “check-up”.

As far as women are concerned, this topic alone deserves special attention.     

Ali Vikhayab still cannot perceive why the dictator became disappointed in him. One way or the other, Ali survived three attempted murders and afterwards, he decided to flee with his entire family for Jordan. He did not feel safe there either. Some time later, he moved to London. Once in London however, he’s made one foolish mistake. He participated in a press-conference and “told the whole truth about Saddam.” And even though his identity was masked, he got disclosed. After that incident, the man's life has turned into a nightmare.

While still in Iraq, his mother and two sisters were thrown in jail. All of them had eventually gone mad as a result of wild tortures. His wife has left him. “I cannot return to Iraq, Saddam’s supporters will definitely kill me…”  What is Ali Vikhayab trying to achieve? It is rather hard to believe that he longs to live in Israel.

Zakhar Gelman

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov