American government cracks down on Ukraine again

America to deny entry to the USA for all Ukrainian officials

The US government has issued another 'friendly' warning against Ukraine. A member of the US Congress committee for international affairs, Dana Rohrabacher, set forth a document about the Ukrainian democracy and honest elections in 2004. The congressman believes that the USA should punish Ukraine, spokespeople for the Ukrainian government in case if they hold 'improper' elections. The document binds the American president to deny entry to the USA for all Ukrainian officials and members of their families. The list of Ukrainian officials includes the president, members of the government, judges, Supreme Council deputies, members of the Ukrainian Central Electoral Committee and even members of poll committees.

Ukraine may have a consolation at this point: it is not the only one. Apparently, the USA is practicing the policy of threats, not the policy of bribery. This strategy is only a bluff. It is hard for George W. Bush to learn the list of 'cast away' countries by heart. The USA threatens to impose sanctions against Iran, Syria, North Korea, tries to act against several European countries, shows psychological pressure against Russia and Ukraine, and promises to make a revolution in the republics of Middle Asia and Belarus. Washington is not happy with Venezuela, Cuba, Malaysia, and even Brazil. The situation in Iraq is far from being perfect, to put it mildly. In addition to it, Muslim states are not happy with the plans to democratize the Middle East.

If American political strategies implemented all of their threats, the biggest part of the world would be isolated from the States. It could happen vice versa too: the USA would have to isolate, which would be detrimental to its political and economic influence. An action causes a counteraction. Taking into consideration the problems in the US economy, particularly the state debt of several trillions of dollars, America might collapse, if its administration takes too much efforts of the international pressure.

The implementation of threats to confiscate the property of Ukrainian officials will definitely lead to the capital outflow from the USA. There will be a precedent created, at which foreign politicians and businessmen might think that their investments in North America are not safe. One may also envisage the reaction from Russia and the CIS in response to such actions. The US administration probably wants to make everyone think that the Russian Federation is at death's door.

American officials have exercised their ability to bluff several times already. The SALT program (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) made for the collapse of the Soviet Union, although it had never been implemented. To crown it all, the fact American astronauts landing on the Moon is still considered a mystery.

Yet, one may find something positive in the above-mentioned draft law submitted by Dana Rohrabacher. Such threats mean that Americans will not bomb Ukraine in the near future.

Roman Melnikov

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Author`s name Olga Savka