PFC Lyndie England recommended for full court martial

PFC England was given notice that her military hearing has asked the Commanding General of Ft. Bragg, she be given a full court martial for her role in the Iraq Prison abuse scandal.

England remained stone face when she was given the news.  If convicted, she will face a prison sentence of 38 years which means she will be 59 years old when her sentence is up. 

A Military Court martial is not as understanding as a civilian trial, and a Military Court goes strictly by the book.  There is no word yet if she will keep her same defense team which composes of a civilian attorney and an Officer from the Judge Advocate General.

Enlgand is almost 8 months pregnant.  If she is convicted, which is almost assured, it is not sure yet whether the baby will be given to County Social Services or to her parents.  Her parents would have to undergo a county level assessment to determine suitability.
Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov