Lukashenko: " I see people who are digging the ground to get power in 2006"

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has announced his intention to sign the joint Statement of the CIS leaders during a meeting scheduled for September 16th, 2004. The statement concerns recent terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to press-services of the Belarussian president, Lukashenko has already informed the head of the Council of CIS leaders, Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma about his decision.

Prepared by the Belarussian side, the bill addresses the recent tragic events as acts of international terrorism. It urges all countries of the Commonwealth to unite their efforts in fighting “the plaque of 20th century” which is terrorism. It is expresses its readiness to assist Russia on political and legal levels.

After making such statements concerning terrorism, Lukashenko has moved on to the next topic. He publicly announced his intention to run for reelection for the third term, in spite of the Constitution. Yesterday, Belarussian president scheduled a referendum to take place October 17th. Voters will have to decide whether or not they will allow Lukashenko to run for reelection in summer 2006.

Lukashenko’s address resembled a propaganda campaign. He reminded for instance that before his presidency “major factories used to work only 2-3 days a week, average salary used to be $20-25 USD and pensioners haven’t seen a penny for almost half a year.” Now, after a decade situation in the country is improving; “average salary by the end of this year will be $200 USD and next year it will rise to $250 USD,” noted the president. "For these 10 years not a single Belarusian has become a victim of a terrorist act, and in the referendum you'll vote for the security of your country," added Lukashenko. Judging by his words, the president’s hopes people will vote for “security of their country, their lives and their children and grandchildren.” “I see people who are digging the ground to get power in 2006. I know who gives them money but I don't want Belarus to be sold out," he said.

Lukashenko also pointed out the dangers of a random person taking over the country.

 “An opposition striving for power will try to convince you that Lukashenko wants to be in power for life," stated the president. But, he said, "we are talking about my right to participate in presidential elections."

In his opinion, those who financially support these people, are hoping to get Belarussian factories, plants and the entire country as their dividends.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov