Do American Politicians really listen, or even care? Part Two

This is the letter that I sent to Senator Norm Coleman yesterday. 
We will see if he responds.  

7 September 2004 

Senator Norm Coleman
US Senate 

The Honorable Norm Coleman; 

My name is Berglin and I am a reporter for  As you might know, is an international news agency and we are translated into a number of languages globally.  I wrote you last week and told you in advance I would be contacting your office. 

My International readership is keenly interested in events in America.   

For the record, Mr. Coleman, I would like to ask you 5 questions.  I hope you will find time to answer each question in detail and respond to me. If I do not hear from you by 15 September 2004, is it safe to assume that you will not respond?  I have a responsibility to my readers to report on such things. 

1. Are you in favor of allowing groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-nazi movement arming under the second amendment knowing that these groups preach racial and religious hatred? 

2. Law enforcement has pleaded with congress and the various state legislative bodies not to further liberalize gun control laws.  Do you find conflict with their pleas and your own stance on the second amendment? 

3. Under the second amendment are you in favor of keeping the gun show loop-hole and straw purchases open, and why?  

4. What do you say to the black community which has been hardest hit, and paid the deepest price, by the availability of guns and lack of gun control?  

5. Citizens for a safer Minnesota reported that you had received roughly $18,000.00 from the National Rifle Association.  Why did the NRA send you that money, what was this payment for, and did you accept the money?  

On a personal level, do you defend the NRA members’ right to threaten, with bodily harm, to dissenting opinion as I and other journalists have been?  As Senator Feinstein has been? 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova