Editors of Western newspapers order terrorist acts unintentionally

Maybe, the West will finally realize the fact of long-standing civil war in Chechnya

PRAVDA.Ru continues discussing the question of biased attitude from Western political circles and press to the issue of terrorism in Russia. The recent statement from the Dutch foreign affairs minister, who demanded the Russian government should present its explanations about the tragedy in Beslan, provoked a very vivid reaction. It was later said, however, the minister's statement had been misinterpreted and he had not demanded anything. Maybe it is true. The French prime minister Jan Pierre Ravaran, though, has recently said that Russia should present all “necessary information” regarding the events in Beslan. The head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Cyril Svoboda, stated: “We have a right, we must ask, what happened there.”

Terrorist acts give a very good reason for Western reporters to talk about Putin's severity. Newspaper editors and human rights activists unintentionally 'place orders' for terrorist acts.

The unpredictable reaction of Western mass media is the prime goal of terrorists in their horrible game. Militants have noticed it before that European and American journalists criticize Russia after every bloody attack. “Russians have been killed again? Putin is guilty of that.”

The Dutch prime minister asked to explain how such a terrible tragedy was possible to happen. This tragedy could have occurred in Holland, if it had Chechnya next to its borders, not Belgium. Common terrorists want to kill as many Russians as possible. Terrorist leaders want to make Russia an outlawed country.

Western journalists write about people disappearing in Chechnya. How many of them took the terrorists' side? Who can prove the opposite? Who counted terrorists' victims among Chechen civilians? What actions does Russia take to testify to the continuation of the tough policy against Chechnya? The bombing and cleansing have stopped, the Chechen police are fighting against the militants now. Military operations in Chechnya are not planned even after bloodiest terror attacks. It is clear that Russia is gradually handing over the power in Chechnya in the hands of the native population, the Chechens.

Western journalists believe that terrorists commit hideous crimes in revenge for their killed relatives. What will they say in Western countries, if Russians take revenge for their relatives killed in terrorist acts? Over 150 civilians were killed in Budyonovsk (when terrorists seized a local hospital), 129 people died in the Moscow music theatre in October of 2002, over 400 people were killed in Ossetia, the list continues with explosions in Moscow, Kaspiisk, and so forth.

According to the West, Russia has been allowed to join the club of civilized countries. Therefore, it should act accordingly. The vast majority of the Russian population does not realize the advantages of friendship with the West. Yet, everyone knows that the communist regime would put an end to terrorism within a month, without the help of any NATO allies.

Let us assume that Russia declines the right to be a EU member and decides to stop terrorist acts on its territory at all costs. Does anyone doubt in Europe that their US ally will cast away all international norms, if it is goes about the security and safety of the American nation? Why does Russia have to deal with different rules of the game?

The “war for the independence of Chechnya” is being led for the people, who stand out for their unique cruelty and guile. It is hard to understand the difference between them and fascists. The Chechen terrorists are more fanatic and less educated. They affirm that they fight for the Chechen nation. Who can protect those scoundrels, if they hold children hostage?  Who can support such rascals, give them shelter, or supply ammunition to them?

In Western journalism, the Chechen terrorists are referred to as 'rebels.' What kind of a state can they build? Chechen Switzerland, Chechen Britain, Chechen Turkey, or the Talib Afghanistan? What will be the base of the Chechen economy: the economy of Russia, Bin Laden's fortune, humanitarian aid from the West, or arms sales and counterfeit dollars, maybe?

If Russia accepts the scenario of its Western critics, it does not mean that terrorist attacks will be stopped. What conditions does Russia need to accept to put an end to blasts in its towns and cities? Does Russia have to withdraw its troops? The USA deployed its forces in Afghanistan and Iraq to prevent terrorist acts. American officials appointed new, US-loyal leaders without any elections. Hamid Karzai's legitimacy is much more doubtful than Alu Alkhanov's, the new elected president of Chechnya.

Pieces of advice from Western parliamentarians and media are capable of turning the Russian leadership into schizophrenics. They want the Russian government to negotiate with terrorists, although the latter should not be allowed to kill Russian citizens. The West considers negotiations the most efficient remedy. However, who can be found in Chechnya to negotiate with? The fugitive president Aslan Maskhadov? Prior to the second Chechen campaign, Ruslan Gelayev's people broke into Maskhadov's presidential palace and beat his security guards. Maskhadov's influence is worthless; any agreements with him will not be efficient at all. The majority of Maskhadov's proponents either laid their arms down or took Russia's side.

Western countries need to realize that Chechnya will not be governed by the election winner. It will be the person, who enjoys the support of the most armed and combatant group. Warlord Shamil Basayev is like a Chechen Bin Laden. Why do Western countries boycott the present Chechen administration? The now-deceased Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov, or elected President Alu Alkhanov are a lot closer to civilization than Chechen warlords.

Maybe, the West will finally realize the fact of long-standing civil war in Chechnya, in which the civilized part of the Chechen society stands against the pressure of terrorism.

Oleg Ryazanov

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Author`s name Olga Savka