PFC England’s hearing enters into final arguments

The military hearing into whether PFC England’s participation in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal will get final arguments.
PFC England, whose face should make the poster child of everything that went wrong in Iraq, will soon find out if she will face a court martial for her contributions in the Iraq prisoner scandal.     

The military judge will hear closing statements from the prosecution and defense.  She will then review the material presented at the hearing, and make a recommendation to the commanding general of Ft. Bragg, where England is stationed, whether to proceed with court martial proceedings.  

England’s defense has not satisfactorily demonstrated that England was under orders to abuse the prisoners from higher ups.   

A newer twist is that a Non-Commissioned Officer had ordered England’s boyfriend to stop the abuse and when the NCO left, the abuse not only started again, but got worse.  It is from that night we saw the pictures of prisoners being abused. We can now add willful insubordination to England’s list of misdeeds. 

It is expected that there will be an overwhelming recommendation for court martial. England faces 38 years at hard labor in a military prison, plus a dishonorable discharge.  Military prison sentences usually do not include the possibility of parole.  If convicted, England will next see the light of day when she is 59 years old.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova