Russian Foreign Ministry recommends Georgia to stop looking for "internal enemy"

The Georgian leaders had better stop looking for an “internal enemy”
Instead, they should concentrate on solving economic and social problems of their country, Russian Foreign Ministry officials believe.

“The critical social and economic problems of Georgia became more acute after the failed military adventure in South Ossetia. The energy should be concentrated on solving these problems, instead of looking of a non-existing “internal enemy” or undermining the work of Russian Embassy in Tbilisi", states the Department of Information and Press of Russian Foreign Ministry in its comment of on the recent statements of the Georgian leaders.

The statement of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili that Georgia is on the brink of war, and if a war breaks out, it will be a war with Russia, not with South Ossetia, demonstrates absolute lack of understanding where to stop, and lack of responsibility, says Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Militarist rhetoric appears more and more often in the statements by Tbilisi officials. Many times they voiced accusations to the "Northern neighbor" – Russia which is allegedly the source of all the trouble and conflicts in Georgia".

"It would not be worthy to these evidently absurd, provocative statements. Only recently the y promised to produce the world "the bodies of the dead Cossacks”, but the claim was unsupported by evidence", states the comment.

”Moscow has a sincere desire to assist the Georgian people in implementing its desire to have a normal life”, RIA-Novosti quotes the document".

"We expect Tbilisi’s concrete response to the constructive proposals we submitted to the Georgian leaders long ago. The proposals were aimed at improving the Russia-Georgian relations on the basis of respect each other’s interests, including security, economics and humanitarian issues", say the officials of Russian Foreign Ministry.

"So far, no reaction has been produced to the proposals, and no words on friendship can replace a concrete response”, says the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova