Georgian computer programmers mock at the Russian Embassy

In Georgian capital Tbilisi, local computer programmers put computers, projection apparatus and loud speakers in front of the building of Russian Embassy, and project protesting slogans on the façade of the Embassy building.
The light slogans request immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops from Georgia, and call for peaceful solution of the conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

From time to time very insulting slogans and symbols are projected onto the walls of the Russian Embassy, but Georgian law-enforcers produce no reaction to this, Regnum reports.

After darkness, 1,800 сandles are lit near the Russian Embassy – 1,800 was the number of civilians killed in the Abkhazia conflict zone after Russian peacekeepers were deployed there in 1994, and up to the present time. At night, Georgian flag, reels and a variety of slogans are projected onto the Russian Embassy. The most popular slogans are “Georgia with no Russian troops”, "Take you overcoat an go…”, the slogan calling Russia the toilet and the offensive verse of Russia.

The participants of the action submitted a letter to Russian Ambassador in Georgia Vladimir Chkhikshvili with claims that their purpose is “restoring Georgia’s territory in a peaceful way”. They wrote in the letter that the Russian peacekeepers are only formal peacekeepers, but in fact they “fire at the peaceful Georgian villages, peaceful civilians, including women and children, are being killed".

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova