Doctors Without Borders says it has had enough - 29 July, 2004

Doctors Without Borders says it has had enough and is pulling out of Afghanistan.  The organization is a humanitarian organization of Medical Doctors who devote their time going into troubled spots to bring badly needed medically treatment, this writer has learned from the CNN newsmedia feed.

Frustrated over the killing of five of their workers, inaction on the part of the Afghanistan government, and the US led coalition have all taken their toll. 

Marine Buissonniere, International Secretary of the organization stated: “The killing of our own colleagues, together with the government's failure to arrest the culprits, along with false allegations of the Taliban, have led us to come to the regrettable conclusion that it is no longer possible for us to work here".

One woman and four men who were part of the humanitarian effort were killed in a surprise ambush this past June. 

Buissonniere comments "the sick, the wounded and the needy that will need assistance in Afghanistan." are the true victims.

"We feel the U.S.-backed coalition has contributed to the blurring of identities," Buissonniere said, noting the coalition had constantly attempted to use humanitarian assistance to build support for its political ambitions.

The death toll of humanitarian workers killed so far this year is more than 30.

The people who are begging for help are killing those who came to help.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov