And another shooting in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area

For the second time this week, crimers broke into a house while the occupants were sleeping, and shots were fired.  The shots were not made by the house occupants, but by the crimers themselves.

This morning at approximately 02:00 CST, 28 July 2004, three crimers broke into a Minneapolis suburb home and demanded money.  The crimers then shot a 19 year old boy, a resident of the house, in the arm and crimers fled.

Both the earlier shooting victim and this latest victim are expected to fully recover. Thankfully.

If you will remember, this writer informed readers that the National Rifle Association and Mr. John Lott assured, and stated without reservation, that in America, 98% of all crimes like these would be eliminated if house owners had guns. 

This writer was also scoffed at, here in America, when I made the prediction that it will be the crimers who will be the ones who will fire the first shots.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov