Whoopie Goldberg in the news again

Ms. Goldberg has issued her official statement about her firing from Slim Fast and the tongue lashing she took from Republicans. 
This time, she did not mince words, she is quoted as  “branding them hypocrites for trying to "punish" her for joking about the President”.

She also remarked: “I find all this feigned indignation about 'Bush bashing' quite disingenuous," she said, noting the Bush administration has savagely gone after critics like former Sen. Max Cleland, Iraq whistleblower Joseph Wilson and ex-terrorism chief Richard Clarke”.

"For the Republican Party to pretend this is new to them seems a little fake," she said.

"The fact that I am no longer the spokesman for SlimFast makes me sad, but not as sad as someone trying to punish me for exercising my right as an American to speak my mind."

The Bush team campaign manager Ken Mehlman called the Democratic fund raiser event a "hatefest" that proves John Kerry doesn't "share the same values" as the rest of America”

But, the true bottom line is: Diversity promoter Asa Khalif, who has made headlines for accusing celebrities of insensitivity, cried foul in the Goldberg firing. "I smell racism from beginning to end," said Khalif, head of Racial Unity USA in Pennsylvania. "SlimFast must realize that black women have every right to voice their views."

Is Ms. Goldberg going to miss her job as representative for Slim Fast?  I hope not, with that type of an employer, who needs enemies.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova