Iran makes its women follow "dress code"

Iranian police conducted several operations in Tehran aimed specifically at examining women’s clothes. Inspectors were determined to check whether women were dressed in strict accordance with the laws of Islam.

Witnesses claim that several police sub-divisions including women in yashmak detained several dozen Iranian women in local shopping malls. In addition, police visited an array of stores that sold women's clothes and confiscated most revealing attire. In particular, the clothes censors did not approve of tight and bright dresses, reports

Iranian state information agency reports that authorities of the city of Isfahan prohibited local women to show up in public in clothes that contradict the laws of Islam. More so, live music during various public gatherings has also been banned.

According to one of the regional experts Sadek Saab (BBC), police has warned people earlier that it will not tolerate “social demoralization.” Whoever disregards the rules will be punished.

Members of radical Islamic political parties have won local elections in February. Since then, they’ve been vigorously trying to extirpate something they call “social erosion”. Radical forces are not happy with the fact that local women often disregard religious laws and wear mini skirts and tight bright dresses, especially in summertime.

However, according to the BBC analyst, many experts consider that such harsh measures of Islamic radicals might not necessarily yield needed results. In the course of the past few years, a number of young educated people who protest against traditional Islamic values in Iran has significantly risen.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov