War in Iraq: Bush comments

George Bush admitted Iraqis lead a just war against American occupation forces

Before his arrival to France to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the day when allied troops first landed in Normandy American president George Bush gave an interview to French journal Paris Match. It is going to be published Thursday. George Bush noted that not all Iraqi soldiers should be considered terrorists.

“I talk about this all the time. I talk about this everywhere. Personally, I would have never come in terms with the occupation of my own country,” stated George Bush, reports Swiss newspaper Le Temps. 

American president presumes that Iraqis are fighting against English-speaking coalition forces and considers that not all of those involved are in fact terrorists. Kamikazes are terrorists, the rest of insurgents-aren’t. They can come in terms with the occupation regime. Not me, not any other person would have liked this. That is why we give them back their sovereignty. We guarantee them sovereignty starting June 30th,” stated Bush.

807 US troops have died in this, according to Bush, just war (as of May 27, 2004). April of 2004 turned out to be the most devastating for American soldiers; the US lost 135 of its troops. 50 American soldiers died in March, 21 in February, 46 in January.

The topic of the on-going war in Iraq has raised tensions between Washington and Paris in the past. However George Bush’s behavior wasn't indicative of such factor. He even referred to French president Jacque Chirac as his “friend”.

When asked whether Bush could invite Chirac to visit his ranch in Texas (as a sign of very close friendship; not many presidents were awarded such honor), Bush answered affirmatively. “If he wants to see cows, he is more than welcome,” remarked Bush laughingly.

“I have never gotten into quarrels with the French,” continued Bush. “France is our old ally… I've made a tough decision; not everyone agreed with this decision…”. “Friends do not have to agree with everything. Jacque openly told me this. He did not consider the use of force to be necessary. We discussed this issue as friends.”

According to Bush, the time has come to unite and fight for our values… “I think the US has to continue cooperating with other nations,” added he. “Many countries are doing their job in Afghanistan and Iraq not only to fight terrorism…but also to celebrate freedom.”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov