Hackers found evidence of US Vice President Dick Cheney’s corruption

Vice president of the USA Dick Cheney used the war in Iraq to gain profitable contracts for Halliburton company whose executive director he was before taking the office in the White House.
Unidentified hacker broke Pentagon’s mail programs and submitted the correspondence to the Time magazine. This mail is the evidence of the Vice President's involvement in Halliburton’s signing a number of contracts for restoration Iraqi oil industry.

According to the Guardian, the total sum of the contracts are $17 billion dollars.

Mr. Cheney who was the CEO of Halliburton for 5 years, said many times that he abandoned all his previous business contacts, but his published correspondence discredits this statement.

In the letter from March 5, 2003 unidentified Army official says that he sees no problems for "signing the contract (with Halliburton) as this matter has been settled with the Vice President’s office”. The Guardian wrote that the other possible contractors were not even considered.

Mr. Cheney’s spokesmen deny the connections between their boss and Halliburton and say that he completely abandoned business after going in politics. However, only in 2003 the US Vice President received $178,000 from the company as “delayed payments”.

The issue of fair allocation of contracts came under scrutiny of the US law-makers. The report of the House of Representatives on the government reform says that in the recent years the contracts at $107 billion were conducted with no open contest, and ѕ of these contracts related to Iraq. Halliburton won the majority of them.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova