“New Iraq will need well-supervised prison system”

Shortly after the scandal about tortures in Abu Graib prison, US administration started its propagandist counter-attack.
George Bush made a speech at the Infantry Military Academy in Carlile (Pennsylvania)  on the further program for the USA in Iraq.

The program called “the plan of 5 steps” is as follows:

1) transferring full sovereignty by Coalition Provisional Authorities to a government of Iraqi citizens;

2) after this the USA will help Iraqi government “establish the stability and security” in the instable areas of Iraq;

3) enlisting additional international support for Iraq's transition.  Washington counts on the UN adopting the new resolution submitted to the Security Council by the USA and UK on the day of Bush’s speech in Carlile. Remarkably, the US President speaks as if the resolution has already been adopted, but in fact, the Security Council just started discussing it. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said that the resolution is just a project, and it should be discussed and amended. The US President seems to be absolutely sure that the resolution will be adopted in the UN;

4) restoring the country’s economy and infrastructure. Nobody can predict how long it will take…

5) national elections, to be held no later than next January, to form new permanent government of the country.

Certainly, the US Рresident could not help touching the issue of the US military presence in Iraq. Mr. Bush did not name the concrete date of the US troops withdrawal. The reasons for this uncertainty can be understood: the situation in Iraq is being changed for the worse with the every passing day.

George Bush could not help mentioning the issue of tortures in Iraqi prisons. However, the US President’s speechwriters were not very successful in writing this part of the speech.

” A new Iraq will also need a humane, well-supervised prison system”, said the President. According to him, “under the dictator, prisons like Abu Ghraib were symbols of death and torture”. “That same prison became a symbol of disgraceful conduct by a few American troops who dishonored our country and disregarded our values”, said George Bush.

” America will fund the construction of a modern, maximum security prison. When that prison is completed, detainees at Abu Ghraib will be relocated”. “Then, with the approval of the Iraqi government, we will demolish the Abu Ghraib prison, as a fitting symbol of Iraq's new beginning”, Mr. Bush added. He mentioned the name “Abu Ghraib” three times in his speech, and every time he managed to mispronounce the word by calling the prison “Abuga Raip”, “Abu Gara” and “Abu Garon”…

In conclusion Mr. Bush told about the success oil drilling in Iraq (2 million barrels per day, the revenues from selling oil reached $6 billion in 2004) and said that 37 countries along with World Bank and International Monetary Fund promised to give $13.5 billion for the restoration of Iraq (in addition to $20 billion of the US aid).

In fact, the “plan of 5 steps” contain no new information, all this was mentioned by Washington before. The main purpose of Bush’s speech was to demonstrate that the situation in Iraq did not go beyond the US control. There are some “flaws”, but they mean nothing in comparison with the task of creating “free Iraq” having such important part of democratic society as “well-supervised prison system”…


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova