The US uses depleted uranium weapons in Iraq

Radiation level in Baghdad becomes life threatening

The US Armed Forces increased their use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq six times. This resulted in radioactive contamination of a number of regions in Baghdad.

A well-known organization in the US entitled “International Action Center” reported last week that “in the course of the Iraqi war, the US has increased its use of weapons with depleted uranium from 375 tons, which were used during the operation “Desert Storm” in 1991, to 2 200 tons.”

Currently, “Geiger counter indicates that radiation exceeds the norm by 1 000/2 000 times in several spots in the center of Baghdad,” reads the organization's report.

According to the International Action Center, half of 697 000 of American veterans of the “Desert Storm” operation and their children have been diagnosed with serious health conditions as a result of being exposed to depleted uranium weapons. However, for Iraq, “consequences will be more drastic”, remarks the report. “This is a crime against Iraqi people and the world's population at large,” reports RIA “Novosti”.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov