War as a drug

A bit more than a month and a half is left until the power will be formally given to the Iraqis.

The event is set for June 30th. If this event will really take place, it will be nothing else but “formal”, since the Iraqi government will be unable to control situation in the country fully. For the past year, neither occupational administration nor temporary Iraq council were unable to do anything to stabilize the situation in Iraq.

Recent scandal evolving around publicity of photos vividly depicting acts of violence of American POWs aimed towards Iraqi prisoners in the “Abu Ghraib” prison did not add popularity to America the “Liberator” either. It seems however, that the scandal caused more resonance in the West than it did in Iraq. Iraqi residents have probably already got accustomed to such acts of violence...

In the meantime, guerilla warfare continues. Locals have already gotten used to the incoming information of explosions in different parts of Iraq. There are no signs of stabilization in the country. It is indefinite when it will occur, if at all.

It is of no surprise that George Bush administration has to ask the Congress for additional military finances, for the so-called “unforeseen circumstances”. It is 25 billion USD we are talking about! In addition, Washington refused to reduce its military presence in Iraq. America intends to keep 135 000 troops by 2006 (initially, it was planned that a total of American troops in Iraq will be reduced by 115 000).

In the meantime, Democrats began posing logical question regarding $40 billion USD, which had been recently provided for military operations. According to the Democrats, today’s administration has “probably” already spent this money. In Russia, we call this “purposeless spending of budget finances”, usually concealing plain “robbery” by such ambiguous phrase. But that's in Russia… How could we possibly suspect Bush administration to be involved in anything like this?

Even before military operations in Iraq ever took place, Washington had already been persistently moving towards the dead-end. Obviously, many things would have gone unnoticed, if Bush had quickly won the war. In the beginning, it all appeared too easy. One of the most fascinating things however that still remains a mystery is why Pentagon and the White House could not (or simply did not want) to calculate all possible outcomes of the war. Obviously, it is almost impossible to make 100% predictions; however, they could at least make some rough estimates. Well, everything happens for a reason…At least nowadays we can have long and interesting discussions about “the clash of civilizations”…

The US fantasy seems to be limitless. On April 12th, official newspaper of American Defense Ministry entitled “Defense News” reported the fact that head of Pentagon Donald Rumsfeld had faced his subordinates with a task to prepare for new concept “10-30-30”. The concept entails the following: “10”-after receiving proper orders, the US Armed Forced should be transported anywhere on the globe in just 10 days and begin fighting; “30”-in 30 days they have to destroy the enemy and deprive him from recuperating in the nearest future, “30”-in 30 days, American forces have to be regrouped and be ready for another operation and transportation to another hot spot.

In other words, in case American army will manage to act within such timeframes, the US will be able to fight up to five wars annually, spending only two months and 10 days per each one. However, if we are to follow the logic behind this concept, it turns out that the United States will turn into constantly fighting country in a not so distant future. Actually, this has already happened. Washington has been fighting the “anti-terrorism world war” for two and a half years already. Plus Iraq. One war or two wars-what difference does it make? If only the Congress could provide some cash…

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov