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Americans have tortured 25 prisoners to death in Iraq and Afghanistan for only 1,5 years

American military prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan have 35 registered cases of torture and physical abuse of Iraqi soldiers. 25 Iraqi prisoners have died as a result of those tortures, reports “Interfax”.

“Starting December 2002, there's been a total of 35 investigations of cases of abuse aimed against prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq,” stated Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army George Casey.

Such facts lead us to believe that the abuse of Iraqi prisoners is of much serious nature than those photos from Abu-Greib prison broadcasted on CBS in the end of April indicate.

On Wednesday, George Bush plans to make a statement on two Arab channels—Al Arabia and Al Hurra, accusing such tortures conducted of American soldiers. Yesterday, the American president ordered Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld to provide him with detailed report concerning the overall scale of such tortures of imprisoned soldiers by the US forces.

According to the head of the White House, he considers such tortures of Iraqi soldiers to be abominable. The president also stated that he was “shocked” after seeing the pictures. He commanded Rumsfeld to determine whether such cases of violence are in fact an often occurrence in the American Army or those just happened to be mere accidents.

At the same time he added that as a Commander-in-Chief, he first needs to see the report from the head of the Pentagon. “First, I must see what the report says, before I decide what to do,” said George Bush.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice has apologized publicly for the tortures and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners done by American soldiers. “We are deeply sorry for what happened with these people and for what their families must feel,” stated Rice to Al-Arabia.

“This isn't right and we must reach out for the truth,” stated Bush' Security Advisor.  “President intends to investigate the matter and find those responsible for the act to be punished,” added Condoleezza Rice.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov