CIA analysts predict: Russia will disintegrate into 5-8 states, while the US will prosper

Russia will be instability zone and may disintegrate into 6-8 states, says the report  about the future of the world in the 10 years to come published on CIA website.
Russia’s economic and political isolation is named as the main cause of its problems.

There is no new information in this report.  CIA analysts have been publishing the same prognosis for Russia since 2000. Earlier, such prognoses were published as CIA classified information. Probably CIA analysts do not believe in their prognoses any more and decided to make them a tool for public foreign policy. In other words, they want to create the image of an unstable country for Russia. 

In fact, Russia’s isolation resulted not from the country’s policy, but from the West’s failure to give Russia equal opportunities, and this prognosis is aimed at Russia’s begging the West for mercy and becoming its subordinate.

Certainly, some ideas of the report make sense. Bu even the statement that the economy based on natural resources, has no future, can be debated. Hi-tech economy is more perspective, but Russia understands it without CIA. Russia also realizes that following the West’s demand to make the domestic price for natural gas on the same level with global prices could devastate the country.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova