Destiny of peacekeepers: Ukrainians return from Sierra-Leone as mad impotents

Request of immediate withdrawing Ukrainian peacekeepers from Sierra-Leone and Liberia because these areas are extremely dangerous and have such infections as cholera and yellow fever, has been submitted to Ukrainian President in the address by Head of the Parliament Committee on Education, Maternity and Childhood, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Nikolai Polishuk.   
"This area is in “meningitis belt”, and infections there are much more disastrous than in other climatic areas. There are many dangerous diseases in these countries, including tropic malaria and fevers with death rate from 50 to 100 percent.  There is a variety of parasites in the region – more than 200 kinds of them infect 330-560 per thousand people”, the address states. 
"Six month after the beginning of the peacekeeping mission 33 percent of Ukrainian troops suffered from tropic malaria, after six more months 66 percent of the soldiers were sick.  The use of toxic anti-malaria drugs was not of help to them”.

According to Nikolai Polishuk, more than 60 percent of Ukrainian peacekeepers have psychic deviations, and “impotence is diagnosed in one third of the troops being on a mission under the above mentioned conditions”. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova