”Clashes in Iraq are all about struggle for power between Shiites and Sunnis”

Clashes in Iraq are all about the struggle for power between Shiites and Sunnis, says Alexander Bovin, the famous Russian reporter on international issues.
Mr. Bovin believes this cannot be called the war for liberation. As for Americans, they just have to pull apart the fighting Iraqis.

NewsInfo Is it possible to predict the developments of the situation in Iraq? Can it become “the second Vietnam”?

Alexander Bovin I don’t think it will be the second Vietnam. This will last much shorter than Vietnam. This is just the fight between Shiites and Sunnis. Americans are trying to pull them apart, and I think they will finally find compromising solution to the problem.

NewsInfo The actions of the US troops, such as bombing of Fallujah, do not look like the search of compromise.

Alexander Bovin I agree, but military clashes will inevitably stop at one point. Americans will try to develop some peace treaty after ceasefire.

NewsInfo Are Americans badly cursed by all Iraqis only for a reason that they are interfering in the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis?

Alexander Bovin Exactly. Shiites has become active in Iraq because they expect support from Iran. Today Iran is the only country in the world with Shiites majority (60 percent of Moslem population of the country). Iraqi Shiites hoped that Americans arrival in Iraq would strengthen the Shiites’ political standing, and their positions in Islamic legislation. After the Draft Constitution was composed, it remained unsolved the issue who would take over political power – Shiites or Sunnis. After a long argument with Sunnis, Shiites tried to pursue their interests by force.

NewsInfo How long can the clashes continue?

Alexander Bovin I don’t know. Nobody knows. Even Mr. Bush does not know, and he has very many experts on Iraq. To finish the conflict as soon as possible is in Americans’ best interests.

Svetlana Lyzhina

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova