Soros preparing revolution in Ukraine

Famous financier and philanthropist George Soros was poured with glue and water at the conference “Human Rights at Elections” in Kiev. 
Two young people came into the conference room and poured the panel members (including George Soros) with glue and water. They were shouting, “Long live to “Brotherhood!” (Ukrainian nationalistic movement) and “Soros, leave Ukraine, your plans will fail!”

Earlier, one of the young men tried to engage the conference participants in fight.

Policemen drove the two men out of the conference room. The incident postponed the beginning of the conference by 15 minutes.

“This is not just an accident, somebody planned this”, said George Soros. However, he failed to name the incident organizers.

Simultaneously, the demonstration of opposition started in Kiev. 12 thousands supporters of “Our Ukraine” movement were going through downtown Kiev and demanding to increasesalaries of public sector workers. This demonstration was part of the launched presidential election campaign. Ukrainian opposition wanted its sponsor to see its activity.

After NATO expansion Ukraine became the border state where the interests of Russia and the West are confronting. In this respect the presidential elections in October 2004 are very important. There are two leading candidates to become successors of President Kuchma – Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich and the leader of “Our Ukraine” movement Vladimir Yushenko supported by the West.

US politicians from the Democratic Party are paying special attention to Ukraine. A month ago former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited Kiev. On March 29 George Soros arrived in Ukraine.

Mr. Soros is known not only for his charity activity, but also as being a powerful and persistent politician. His attitude to the current US administration is so bad that he is ready to spend any money to overthrow President Bush. While waiting for his chance, the oligarch is training on smaller countries.

After landing in the Crimea, George Soros said he was surprised that Ukrainian authorities did not give him a warm welcome. He said that he was not going to make a revolution, like in Georgia, he was just promoting the idea of free, honest and fair presidential elections in the Ukraine. The official purpose of his trip is attending the conference “Human Rights at Elections” where more than one hundred human rights organizations participate.

A week ago the generous philanthropist said that he was ready to pay salaries to the entire Georgian government under the excuse of eradicating corruption in that country. Probably, George Soros came to Ukraine to learn if he could support financially Ukrainian government as well.

By visiting Ukraine, George Soros gave the start to the presidential election campaign in this country. Soros and the politicians close to him demonstrated their intention to conduct one more “velvet revolution”. Ukrainian authorities frustrated the oligarch a little by ruining his expensive suit. Russia is the next to act. If Russia keeps silence, “velvet revolution’ in Ukraine is inevitable. We can have one more “velvet state” on our border, and its government will get their salaries from Soros.

Yaroslav Rodin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova