Alexander Bovin: Israel was right

Former Russian ambassador in Israel Alexander Bovin said in a Newsinfo interview that he does not believe the statements of HAMAS leaders threatening to increase their terrorist activity.
Any terrorist organization has certain limit of terrorist attacks it can conduct. HAMAS has already reached its limit.

NewsInfo. When you were an ambassador in Israel, where was Akhmed Yassin?

Alexander Bovin. First he was in prison, than Israelis released him. He was a blind man in a wheelchair. He became paralyzed in his childhood after being traumatized in some sportive game. Yassin had a weak body, but strong spirit. He recognized no compromises with Israel, and believed that this state has no right to exist and it should be destroyed. He could be called opposition to Yasser Arafat. Probably, Arafat also wants to destroy Israel, but he is able to keep this intention to himself. Arafat tried to negotiate with Israel and find compromising solutions, while Yassin and his militant groups opposed this policy.

NewsInfo. Does this mean that Israel was in luck to assassinate Yassin?

Alexander Bovin. The word “luck” does not fit here. This was a brilliant operation of Israeli special services, but it is hard for me to predict the long-term consequences of the operation. Certainly, Israel will face many problems and much criticism. I believe that Israel was right. This is my personal opinion.

NewsInfo. Can the liquidation of Akhmed Yassin result in military clashes between Israelis and Palestinians?

Alexander Bovin. No, it cannot. There will be some outbursts of violence, but this will not result in “big fire”.

NewsInfo. Despite the latest promises of HAMAS leaders to conduct cruel revenge?

Alexander Bovin. They have always been conducting revenge. They can explode one or two more buses, and this is all. Any terrorist group has certain limit of its resources. HAMAS has been active enough to approach its limit.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova