Assassination of Hamas leader. Sharon opens the Gates of Hell.

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in a bomb fire executed from helicopters of Israel’s Air Force.

According to a source in Gaza, one of the rockets hit a wheelchair with half paralyzed Sheikh Yassin. “They [Yassin and his bodyguard] were torn into pieces,” stated one of the witnesses, a Taxi driver by the name of Usef.

Several witnesses confirmed the death of the “Hamas” leader. Sources claim they saw a blood-smeared wheelchair of the spiritual leader of “Hamas” by a mosque. Some time later, his death was confirmed by several doctors and representatives of “Hamas” who had arrived to the scene.

Ahmed Yassin’s body was transported to another place. Numerous loudspeakers in Gaza’s minarets report the incident, while calling Yassin a “martyr”. Thousands of Gaza residents flooded the city's streets yelling “Jihad!” protesting Israel’s assassination of their spiritual leader.

“Israel will end up being consumed by volcano after such horrible crime,” stated a representative of the “Hamas” movement in Gaza Ismail Haniia. “Sheikh Yassin dreamed of sacrificing himself for the good of the people. His murder will be avenged. Sharon has opened the Gates of Hell and will be beheaded.”

“If Israel thinks it will be able to stop our resistance, it is deeply mistaken,” pointed out one of the members of the movement “Islamic Jihad” haled Al-Batsh. “From now on, we will act without limits.”

Palestinian leadership has also expressed its views regarding the situation. “This is a crazy and extremely dangerous situation,” declared Palestine’s Prime-Minister Ahmed Kurei. “It opens the road to chaos. Yassin was known as a moderate leader; he held “Hamas” together.”

In the end of January, head of Israel's Joint Staff lieutenant-general Moshe Yalon stated that Israel had a right to attack and liquidate spiritual leader of “Hamas” Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. However, it had to be done in a proper time.

“Leaders of all terrorist groups be it “Hamas” or “Islamic Jihad”, that kill innocent civilians are our main targets,” stated he.

A week before Yalon's statements, Deputy Defense Minsiter of Israel Zeev Boim had already proclaimed that Ahmed Yassin “will be found and destroyed.”

Source: Russian/Foreign Information agencies   

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov