Conspiracy against Bush

Despite the fact that the U.S. presidential elections will only take place in November, Republicans and Democrats have already started their so-called “war of mutual defamation and dirt pouring.”

During the first stage of the “war” John Kerry has been accused of adultery, while George W. Bush—of skipping military service in Vietnam. However, this was just the beginning, when both major rivals were simply testing the grounds before the next “attack.”

It did not take long for Republicans to strike for the second time. Administration of the current master of the White House started promoting a scandal in a form of some sort of foreign conspiracy against George W. Bush.

The event was triggered by John Kerry's announcement regarding his foreign supporters. The democratic candidate (despite the fact that Kerry isn’t officially regarded as one, nobody doubts that he will be the one to run for presidency) stated that he “conversed with foreign leaders who dislike Bush administration and who will be glad to see changes in the U.S. leadership.” At the same time, Kerry acknowledged that he meant those countries who consider themselves American allies. According to the senator, the fact that “there exists a major split of attitudes in regards to our foreign policy in a number of nations” “is not a secret”. “We've lost respect and influence in the world,” remarked the candidate. Kerry refused to give out names.

Kerry's words caused a major stir of indignation among Republicans. In the course of his Monday's address before activists of the Republican party in Arizona, Vice President Richard Cheney has stated the following, “at least, we have a right to know what exactly he says to foreign leaders, so that they are willing to support his candidacy.” George Bush along with Secretary of State Colin Powell demanded explanations from Kerry. “If one accuses someone in the course of the presidential campaign, he should back up his accusations with facts,” stated Bush Tuesday at the White House, after he was asked to comment Kerry's words. Representatives of the Republican party even wanted to start official investigation in regards to such matters.

Actually, such nervous reaction of the republicans is quite understandable. Survey results indicate an extremely close race. According to some polls, Bush leads the race; according to other—Kerry. This basically means that both of the candidates have equal chances of winning the elections.

As far as Americans are concerned, they assume that senator form the democrats will be able to handle internal problems (medical care, social security, minimization of the budget deficit and so on) better. Bush on the contrary, is thought to possess a better vision of the matters concerning foreign policy and terrorism.

Obviously, such factor will not be of utmost importance in the race for the presidential post. However, presidential administration cannot allow for it to disappear completely. At the same time, it is hard to believe that the White House is completely unaware of its foreign allies who are being dissatisfied with the country's current administration. This has been talked about for the past year and a half. Anyway, what will Washington do even if Kerry does disclose the names? At the same time, in case Tony Blair will happen to be one of “them”, Bush will take a long time to recover from shock…

Seriously, Blair is already in deep trouble because of Bush and the war in Iraq. His Spanish colleague Jose Maria Asnar lost the elections (mainly due to his support of the war). At any rate, even Bush' closest allies experience problems one after another. So that Bush' success in the field of foreign policy appears to be rather doubtful. And Kerry is not the one to blame.     

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov