Qatarians torture Russians

Two Russians who have been held captive in Qatar in connection to the explosion, which had killed Chechen militant Zelimkhan Yandarbiev, finally confessed that they were not members of special services.

The information was reported by London's The Times with a reference to some diplomatic sources in this country.

In the course of the investigation, they also informed the Qatarians that the explosive device that they had placed under Yandarbiev's Jeep, had been illegally smuggled to Qatar after its trip from Moscow to Saudi Arabia in a sack with diplomatic correspondence.

Special agents could reveal such facts only in case they were subjected to tortures. Russian media sources got a hold of a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation supposedly containing a report of one of the consulate's employees in Doha regarding the tortures of the Russian citizens.

The Russians are being kept in horrible conditions. They remain in their cells for days. Walks are prohibited. In the course of the first three days, they were not allowed to sleep. They were physically abused in the course of interrogations. The captives cannot recall any injections; however they do confirm having blackouts.
One of the Russian captives has had a heart attack in late February of 2004. “He was denied medical treatment…”, informs the report.

Zelimkhan Yandarbiev was killed in a blast of his Jeep in the town of Doha February 13th, 2004. The same day, Qatar’s government has officially informed Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the incident. Some sources claim that his son Daud has died with the Chechen terrorist. This information has not been officially confirmed however.

“The former president of the so-called 'republic of Ichkeriya' along with Aslan Maskhadov, Movladi Ugudov and Salman Raduev has been a head of the most radical group in the Chechen government as well as Dudaev's militant,” stated a member of a similar group “Pamir-Ural” Alexander Sobyanin in his interview to RBC daily. While in the Chechen government, Yandarbiev has been involved in organizing attacks against federal services.

A source in Russian military organizations declared that Yandarbiev's assassination might have been something to do “with a conflict between Chechen terrorist leaders and their sponsors.” “Yandarbiev was aware of all finances coming to Chechnya from abroad.”

Source: Russian and Foreign media

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov