Spain's list of the dead

The list of the dead of Thursday's Madrid bombings contains some Russian names.

This information was reported by BBC with a reference to the preliminary results of the ongoing investigation. Perhaps, those names belong to Russian immigrants or residents of Ukraine who used to live in Spain.

As it was later revealed, neither CIS citizens nor Russian citizens had been killed. Among the 24 identified bodies of people of non-Spaniards are Latin-American immigrants, 4 Romanians, 3 Polish individuals, one Bulgarian, and a French woman.
According to the Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Asnar, if one of the foreign victims of the bombings have applied for naturalization, they will be awarded citizenship postmortem. The appropriate document has already been forwarded to the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs. Relatives of the victims will also be entitled to receive Spanish citizenship at their wish.

In the meantime, investigators try to find initiators of the tragedy. Spain mourns the loss. Yesterday, nearly 8 million people have marched down the streets of Spain paying tribute to the dead and the injured. According to the latest information, more than 2 million people participated in the walk in Madrid alone. Members of the Royal family along with the head of the Spanish government Jose Maria Asnar headed the walk in the capital. They were later joined by president of the European Commission Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin, head of the Italian government Silvio Berlusconi, and head of the German Ministry of Internal Affairs Joshka Fischer. Similar walks took place in other European capitals as well. Residents of Brussels, Paris and Helsinki all paid their tribute to the Spain's victims. 

Total number of people who have died in Thursday's Madrid bombings constitutes 199 people. More than a hundred thousand are wounded. Some remain in critical condition. 159 bodies have already been identified. The rest of the bodies will be identified by means of the DNA testing.

According to a “Echo of Moscow” correspondent, Russians bring flowers and letters to the Spanish Embassy in Moscow to commemorate the memory of the dead. One of the letters reads: “Russians mourn along with the Spanish. People's unity on the streets of Spain is amazing…we have to remain steadfast.” Moscow residents who came to the Embassy noted that were extremely familiar the Spain's feeling of sorrow. 

Source: Utro.Ru, Newsru

Photo: AP

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov