Iran does not doubt Bush's stupidity

(Thursday, February 12th) Communication Minister of Iran Ali Unesi rejected threats of the American President George Bush pertaining to the Islamic Republic.

“We do not doubt American President's stupidity. However, we do not think that the US will invade Iran,” declared Unesi.

According to him, American threats are nothing but an expression of conservative and aggressive politics. “Obviously, Bush has already learned a lesson after attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. Americans failed miserably in both cases,” said the Minister.

He also proclaimed that “Washington does not have guts to invade Iran.” “A recent celebration of the anniversary of Islamic revolution and the all-embracing people’s involvement in the event simply prove the overall solidarity and unity of the Iranian nation. This in turn will serve as the best answer to all the threats.”

On Wednesday, February 11th, Iran celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. At the same time, on Thursday, Washington accused Iran in developing nuclear weapons.

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control & International Security John Bolton has stated that according to the American administration, Iran continues to develop its nuclear program.

“Based on our data, Iran does not comply with those obligations it had promises in October to stop uranium cleaning,” added he.


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey