Bush Calls for De-atomization of Russia

America anxious about better protection of Russia's nuclear reserves
The official website of the Russian Federation Nuclear Power Ministry reported the other day that in the framework of de-atomization of Russia within the next ten years the US on the one part, the European Union, Canada and Japan on the other part would appropriate $10 billion each. The money will be appropriated as assistance to Russia in ensuring nuclear security and for liquidation of weapons of mass destruction. In the fiscal year of 2005, the Bush Administration wants to keep the same level of spending on assistance to Russia and former Soviet Union republics in the sphere of nuclear security and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. In general, the US Department of Energy, the US Department of Defense, the State Department of America plan to appropriate about $900 million for this purpose. Budgetary spending of the US Department of Energy on cooperation with the RF Nuclear Power Ministry will make up about $470 million, almost the same amount that is scheduled for this year.

This finance is to be spent on strengthening the protection of depots with nuclear warheads and fissionable materials, on decommissioning of nuclear submarines (including those in the Russian city of Severodvinsk), reduction of weapons plutonium reserves, remaking of enriched uranium into fuel for nuclear power plants, on conversion of some reactors and introduction of tougher control over radiation sources. At the same time, the Bush Administration plans to reduce the Pentagon spending on the Nunn-Lugar program by about 10 per cent to $409.2 million. This is a cooperation program meant for reduction of the threat emanating from weapons of mass destruction. In the framework of the program, the US assists Russia in liquidation of its reserves of weapons of mass destruction and delivery systems falling under international agreements.


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Author`s name Michael Simpson