Russia, China, Pakistan and India could make Afghanistan a prosperous state

It is Eurasian, not Western countries, that can make Afghanistan a prosperous state

If the G7 countries did not interfere with the policy of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), then Russia, China, Pakistan and India would help make Afghanistan a prosperous country in a short time.

NATO collapses like a house of cards

Emmanuel Macron was right when he noted last year that the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) was in a state of "brain death." This summer, this glorious organisation, where supposedly one stands for all and all stand for one, collapsed like a house of cards. America has suffered a strategic defeat in Afghanistan, and so did Europe.

The United States has now been stripped of its authority: even Biden's Democratic supporters say that Sleepy Joe is 'decrepit' president. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who deployed the British contingent in Afghanistan after 9/11, called the US commander-in-chief 'imbecilic'. Being no better at all, European NATO members rushed to evacuate their people from Afghanistan, forgetting about EU officials.

'Brain death' leads to inability to calculate the effect of sanctions

On August 24, the British Prime Minister, who currently chairs the Group of Seven (G7), convened an emergency summit. Boris Johnson warned on August 23, that the Taliban* would be "judged by their actions" and threatened Talibs* with sanctions.

This is brain death indeed: hardly had Europe been able to handle the wave of Syrian and Libyan refugees, will soon have to face a new wave from Afghanistan, when EU imposes sanctions on the Taliban.

'Brain death' is not only about the inability to arrange a consistent withdrawal of military contingent — it is also about the inability to foresee the impact of sanctions on Afghanistan.

It goes without saying that sanctions will continue making the crisis in the war-torn country even deeper. They will also incite local conflicts within Afghanistan. It appears that the war in Afghanistan will last forever, and many Afghanis will be forced to lave the country.

It is already clear where the Afghanis will flee — they will flee to Europe, and Europe will have to tolerate them and the endorsement of alien culture under the slogans of 'humanism' while losing its identity further on.

In fact, this is a price that Europe has to pay for millions of those who were killed and displaced in countless wars and conflicts in the Middle East as a result of NATO aggression.

SCO can help Afghanistan become a prosperous country

Meanwhile, using the Soviet experience of industrial construction in Afghanistan, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries promise to help Afghans build a peaceful and prosperous state. This was said in the statement published by the SCO secretariat on Monday, August 23. Noteworthy, Afghanistan has the observer status within the SCO.

"The SCO member states are interested in its development as a peaceful, stable and prosperous country, and confirm their respect for the traditions and culture of all peoples living in Afghanistan. […] The SCO member states reaffirm their willingness to continue developing cooperation with Afghanistan on countering security threats in the region, in particular, all forms and manifestations of terrorism and drug trafficking, and to jointly oppose double standards in resolving these tasks," the statement published on the official website of the SCO reads.

It is not yet clear who is going to come to Dushanbe for the SCO summit on September 16-17. One thing is clear — if the West did not interfere, Afghanistan, with the help of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, would soon become a prosperous country.

*terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov