American elections 2004

This year's election campaign in the US is slowly acquiring its tempo.

It is getting clear at this point who will be present-day president's main rival in a fight for presidency. He is a Democratic Senator John Kerry.

As soon as the situation with a Democratic Senator became more or less clear, sociologists and the press decided to get involved with their favorite affair. Namely, they started calculating chances of each one of the candidates. Currently, Senator Kerry beats Bush by several percents. Well, it is still quite a long way until the elections. However, the president's team is obviously worried.

For instance, according to a public poll published in Monday's issue of the USA Today, for the first time less than 50% of Americans justify war in Iraq. The White House has its reasons to be worried. There remains less hope to settle the conflict in Iraq in the nearest future. This definitely does not go along with Mr. Bush's plans to become the next president.

In the meantime, president's administration is incapable of providing any other counter-argument than the words of Chief Commander of American Forces in Iraq Raymond Oderno. In the course of his inspection trip to Tikrit, the General has mentioned the possibility of ending the conflict in a not so distant future. However, he did not say how exactly it will end. In the meantime, there remains no doubt that American troops will try to finish major part of their work before November of this year.

Actually, even if the situation in Iraq will be become rather problematic, there will always be a second choice by the name of Osama bin Laden. The  ex-State Secretary of the US Madlen Albright has stated in December of last year that the terrorist had already been captured by the US Secret Services and will be “presented” to the public right before the presidential elections. The statement has caused a major uproar among the Republicans. Albright in turn, has said that it was a mere joke.

Well, all jokes left aside, Republicans themselves are already talking about bin Laden’s capture in the nearest future. Republican Senator Charles Grassley is certain that American secret services will get bin Laden before the upcoming presidential elections. “Obviously, he will be captured sometime before the elections,” declared Senator in his interview with The Hill. According to him, American special services are actively trying to trace bin Laden. They will be able to arrest him before November. Neither Senator nor commander Oderno clarified the reason for such confidence.

In case bin Laden will be captured before November, one can be certain of the elections' outcome…

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov