Biden asks Ukraine's Zelensky to keep it quiet on Nord Stream 2

USA tells Ukraine to 'shut up' regarding Nord Stream 2

The call from the Joe Biden administration to Kiev not to say anything about Ukraine's stance on Nord Stream 2 is associated with different positions of its "towers", Boris Borisov said.

US unhappy with Nord Stream controversy in Ukraine

Politico, citing its sources, said that the Joe Biden administration called on the Ukrainian authorities not to create controversy in the midst of US-Germany negotiations about Nord Stream 2.

Ukraine does not like it, the source of the publication said.

US officials indicated that public opposition against the upcoming agreement could harm bilateral relations between Washington and Kiev. They also urged Ukraine not to discuss potential plans of the United States and Germany with Congress.

A spokesperson for the US administration later said that the state of affairs was much more complicated. However, the official declined to share any other details about the talks between US officials and their Ukrainian counterparts, Politico wrote.

There are "towers" in the US presidential administration

Boris Borisov, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk, told Pravda. Ru that Germany was going through power change, and Ukraine is trying to take advantage of the process to the detriment of the Nord Stream 2 project.

The US president has an extensive and complex administration, some of its "towers" are annoyed by Kiev's actions.

"Like in any large administration, there are different "towers” there and different points of view. Ukraine is trying to maneuver between them. The biggest maneuvering was between Republicans and Democrats a year ago. It remains unclear whether the United States has finally accepted the Nord Stream 2 or it is still strongly determined to ruin the project. Due to the existence of different opinions, it is impossible to predict what reaction the Americans will show to actions that Russia or Ukraine may take," the expert said.

Ukraine is not to be consulted

"In some cases, the United States may raise its voice and ask Ukraine not to interfere in those issues that are being resolved at a different level, such as the talks between the United States and Germany, for example," Boris Borisov concluded.

According to Politico, Kiev believes that US sanctions could stop the project from completing if the Biden administration could impose them during construction and certification phases.

Last month, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the completion of the pipeline was a fact of life. The United States came to conclusion that sanctions would not be able to block the completion of the pipeline, but they would cause considerable damage to relations with USA's primary ally in Europe — Germany, which insists on the economic profitability of the project.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov