Acts of terrorism in Metro in other countries

February 28, 1993.  In London 29 people were injured in London Bridge Metro Station. Irish Republican Army accepted responsibility for that act of terrorism.

March 19, 1994. In Azerbaijani capital Baku 14 people were killed and 49 wounded in the explosion in the Metro. Two terrorists were sentenced to death penalty, nine others were sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.
July 3, 1994 In Baku 13 people were killed and 42 wounded in the Metro. The terrorist was sentenced to life imprisonment. The authorities accused Armenian special services of conducting this act of terrorism.

December 15 and December 21, 1994. Blasts in New York Metro. No victims of the first explosion of the train going through Harlem, 30 people wounded in the second explosion in Wall Street area. The terrorist was sentenced to 94 years of imprisonment.

March 20, 1995. In 16 stations of Tokyo Metro 5 “Aum Sinrike” sect activists sprayed Sarin gas. 12 people died and и 5,500 were poisoned. Nine sect members were sentenced to death penalty, but they have not been executed so far.

July 25, 1995. In Paris 7 people died and over 60 were wounded after the explosion on the train arriving at Sen-Mishel Metro Station. The terrorists – Algerians – were identified. One of them was killed during the exchange of fire with the police.

October 17, 1995. In Paris 30 people were wounded in the blast of the Metro train car between Sen-Mishel and Myuze d’Orse stations. Armored Islamic Group was named the organizer of this act of terrorism, most of those involved in conducting the explosion were detained and sentenced.

October 28, 1995. In Baku 289 people died on fire in the Metro, 300 more people were burned and wounded. According to one of the versions, the fire was caused by explosion.

December 3, 1996. In Paris 3 people died and 92 wounded in the explosion Por-Ruayal Metro Station. The investigation discovered that the fuse was similar to that used by Islamic extremists in 1995.

October 29, 1997. In Georgian capital Tbilisi a former policeman brought hand-made fuse into Didube Metro Station and died because of the explosion.

July 27, 2000. In Germany in Dyussledorf Metro 10 people were wounded in the explosion of a radio-controlled bomb. No blast organizer was found. The police suspects right-wing radicals.

September 4, 2001. In Montreal, Canada tear-gas was sprayed at Berry Metro Station. Over 45 people were hospitalized because of poisoning and traumas.

May 12, 2002. In Milan, Italy a gas balloon exploded in the Metro causing fire. No victims of this incident. A note was found on the scene in which Islamic radicals accepted responsibility for this act of terrorism.

February 18, 2003. In Tegu, South Korea 198 people died and 150 were badly wounded in the explosion and fire of the Metro train being at the station. Mentally ill person willing to commit suicide made this explosion. He survived and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Source: Kommersant

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova