Only one man in Lithuania questions the Ryanair scandal in Belarus

Only one man in Lithuania refuses to crucify Belarus

The Seimas of Lithuania on Tuesday, May 25, adopted a resolution "About the act of state terrorism carried out by Belarus against a civil aircraft."

As many as 124 deputies voted for it, and only one abstained. It goes about Valius Azuolas, a deputy from the opposition faction The Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union, reports.

"The answers to some of the questions were incomplete. One of the key questions is whether international air law has been violated, and the other one is whether all states that land an aircraft for one reason or another should be equated to terrorists and all other kinds of very bad things that need to be avoided," the MP told lrt. lt.

The MP also said that the forced landing of the aircraft on Sunday, May 23, was not the first incidence like that in the history of aviation.

"In 2013, a plane was also forcibly landed in Austria in an attempt to find Julian Assange on board (it was not Assange, but Edward Snowden. — Ed.). The question is whether the rhetoric of our ruling politicians extends to all countries that have landed planes," he said.

When asked whether he believes that the actions of the Belarusian regime should not be condemned, Azuolas said that one should establish a procedure for making such decisions.

"Probably, this should not be just a condemnation, we should first clarify legal issues, whether the air law violated and all other issues of international nature, and then we can make decisions," the MP said.

According to him, his faction did not discuss the resolution on Belarus. This is a clear example of Western "democracy".

Needless to say that Azoulas was immediately accused of aiding the Kremlin.

"You obviously represent those people who are strongly immersed in the flow of Russian disinformation," Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said at an evening session of the parliament. "The cases are completely different. In fact, you have quoted the words of a Kremlin official …"

However, Landsbergis did not explain the difference between the cases. It's just different, and that's all. This is another example of the dual morality of the West.

Lithuania calls on for the blockade of Belarus

In the above-mentioned resolution, the Lithuanian parliament called on international financial institutions, financial and export institutions and agencies of EU member states to stop mechanisms of financing, guarantees and assistance in the implementation of state projects in Belarus, which the Lukashenko regime may benefit from either directly or indirectly.

Landsbergis, for example, suggested the European Commission (EC) should close projects of cross-border cooperation with Belarus, whereas Lithuanian experts suggested an embargo on the export of Belarusian oil products. At the same time, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister pointed out that there was no consensus in the European Commission regarding sanctions against Belarus.

Belarus ranks 13th in imports and 11th in Lithuaniaт exports. European goods are transited to Russia via Lithuania and Belarus. Lithuania exports timber, electricity, petrochemical products, fertilizers from Belarus. Replacing Belarus with other suppliers will raise prices for many goods, which will inevitably affect the purchasing power of the Lithuanian population.

However, the Lithuanian authorities do not seem to be concerned about it. They want to shoot Belarus down.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov