Resistance in Iraq will be suppressed this year. By election date in US?

Resistance in Iraq will be suppressed this year despite the fact that US soldiers are being killed even two months after the arrest of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
This statement was made by one of the commanders of US troops in Iraq, General Raimond Oderno, Al-Jaseera reports. 
According to Oderno, the militant groups attacking the coalition force servicemen and Iraqi policemen, are conducting such attacks to secure the best places in the future Iraqi government for their members.
During his trip to Tikrit – Hussein’s native town – the US General said that “during the transitional period some Iraqis are eager to secure for themselves the posts in the future government of the country. They are doing this by means of using force”.
Nevertheless, General Oderno did not elaborate, in what way attacking coalition troops contribute to the political career of Iraqi guerilla leaders, and refused to give concrete examples.

According to the plan developed by the UN, US occupation administration and Provisional Governing Council of Iraq, Iraqi government will be established in the end of June this year.
The first group of the UN experts will leave for Iraq soon to prepare recommendations about the opportunity of arranging elections in the country until the end of May.

Source: RIAN

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova