Death mistresses

Act of terrorism conducted by a Palestinian suicide bomber in Israel in mid-January shocked the world - for the first time HAMAS sent a woman on a lethal assignment.
The issue of women’s Islamism started being discussed. However, women-martyrs have nothing in common with the doctrine of aggressive Islamism. They commit suicide because of unhappy love affairs.

Palestinian 21-year-old Rim Salakh Reishi exploded herself at the check-point on the Israeli - Gaza Sector border. The woman did this not of her own free will. The husband made Rim Salakh (mother of two little children) conduct the act of terrorism which killed herself and four other people, and her lover equipped her for producing explosion. The young woman’s husband is one of the activists of HAMAS organization which accepted the responsibility for the act of terrorism. The man was able to convince his disloyal wife that to save the honor of the family she should explode herself with Israeli soldiers. Rim Salakh’s lover carefully supplied the woman he had seduced with the belt of explosives. The husband saw the unhappy woman off to the check-point.
Rim Salakh’s story shocked the world, and everybody started discussing the new kind of terrorism – women’s terrorism. Arabs have been familiar with it for a long time. In mid-50s French population of Algeria was terrified with “Yaser’s girls”. Students, daughters from respectable families set explosives in public places. For one day, September 30, 1956, these pretty girls blew up several cafes in the Algeria capital. They were not martyrs, but had much in common with their successors in Palestine.  

The most famous Palestinian terrorist is Leila Khaled (Moscow State University alumnus). The gang under her leadership hijacked Israeli passenger planes twice. First, on January 23, 1968 25-year-old Khaled and “People’s Front of Liberating Palestine” militants hijacked Boeing-707 of El-Al air-company in Athens airport and forced the crew to fly to Damask.

Israeli government made a big mistake by agreeing to exchange 35 passengers and the crew for the arrested Palestinian terrorists. This made Leila famous and inspired her to continue her activity. On September 6 that very year the brave Palestinian and her Nicaraguan accomplice Patricio Arguelio tried to hijack one more Israeli passenger plane in London airport. That time she failed – Israeli Special Servicemen were on the plane, they killed Arguelio and arrested Khaled.
The first Palestinian woman to explode herself during the act of terrorism was Vaffa Idris from Ramalla. She did it on January 27, 2001 in the crowd on Yaffo Street in Jerusalem. Some Jews, Arab citizens of Israel and tourists were killed. There is information that Vaffa committed suicide because of unhappy love.

Rim Salakh was the first woman hired by HAMAS. After the act of terrorism happened, this organization spiritual leader Akhmed Yasin said that “from now on all the women-martyrs will fight along with the men”. Earlier Yasinsaid, “When the final hour of the battle with infidels arrives, everybody will go to fight – women, men, old people, children”.

This statement is insane. Genuine Islam is incompatible with terrorism, and the woman killing innocent people is considered to be devil’s creature. According to the Koran, there are only three justified grounds for a person to deprive another of his/her life: a warrior fighting enemies, court’s death penalty and if the person is protecting his/her life which is endangered. Suicide is not included in these grounds. For a woman the sin of suicide is ten times more terrible than for a man. By committing suicide the woman deprives both herself and all her relatives of God’s mercy.

Psychiatrist in czarist Russia studied the problem of involving women in terrorist activity. They said that “Women-bombers have more pathologic elements than men”. After interviewing Palestinian women hired by terrorist networks I can agree with this. The interview took place in Israeli Neve-Tirtsa prison for women.

Turaie Khamuri is 26 years old. She is a pretty woman. She graduated from university and had a successful career, but her personal life was miserable. Finally she met a good man (as she was thinking), but her fiancй disappeared shortly before the scheduled wedding date. Turaie was heart-broken and offered her services to Tanzim, militant unit of FATKH organization led by Yasir Arafat.

The life story of 28 year-old Shifa al-Kurasi is alike. Her husband left her. This is terrible shame for women raised in Orthodox Moslem families. Even close relatives may despise them. Shira had no money to support her child. So-called “death coordinators” from Tanzim recruited her in their organization.
Israeli Special Services are aware of the attempts to recruit young Russian women who had been married to Palestinians, and then divorced them. According to the Shariat laws, the children in such marriages stay with their fathers. Poor mothers stay in Palestine to have a chance to see their children.
Not only Tanzim and Khamas recruit women. Islamic Jihad, Hezbolla, People’s Front for Liberating Palestine and other terrorist organizations also have female death squads.

I had a chance to speak with men-terrorists. All of them are minors so overwhelmed with hatred to infidels on the whole and Jews in particular that life is torture to them. In addition, these youngsters do not believe in death. They consider death as passing into a different “alive world” of paradise, where 70 virgins are waiting for them.

Women have different motivation. They do not call themselves “Allah warriors” and just want to stop suffering. Unhappy women having kind of defective state of mind are good prey for death coordinators who resemble ponces collecting toll from prostitutes, but they take the most precious thing – a person’s life.  

Valentin Boinik,

Source: Novye Izvestia

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova