Russians politicians did not accept bribes from Saddam

The other day, European media has published a reprint of the Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada regarding the fact that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had provided reduced oil tariffs for politicians and presidents of several countries for millions of barrels in exchange for supporting his regime.

The list of all “bribe-takers, who violated the International sanctions in regards to Iraq,” has been published in Al-Mada [“The Horizon”] on Sunday. 270 individuals and organizations from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, Byelorussia, Ukraine, as well as famous politicians and businessmen from 16 Arabian, 17 European, 9 Asian, and 4 African nations were among those who willingly accepted Iraqi oil.

Russian members of various parties, organizations, church members, and diplomats were also present among those who accepted the bribe.

Chief Editor of Al-Mada Fahri Karim (also known as Abu Nabil) has stated in his interview with the Russian newspaper “Vremya Novostei” that one of the companies of the Russian Orthodox Church once received 3 million barrels of oil from Saddam. Afterwards, it got 10,2 million barrels. According to Karim, the list includes a significant number of Russian companies (nearly 40) who were bribed by the Hussein's regime. “Several Russian diplomats of a very high rank who worked in Baghdad are also in the list. Children of famous diplomats are present as well. Chechen names are also included,” stated Karim in his interview with “Vremya Novostei”.

A member of Temporary Administration of the Iraqi Council Mahmud Osman remarked in his interview with the Russian newspaper that Baghdad residents are inclined to believe such information. However, he does not exclude a slight chance of falsification of the data. Mahmud Osman claims that such probability is “minimal.” According to him, “special commission regarding this case has been formed in Baghdad”. “We hope that in case everything will be confirmed, we will be able to institute criminal proceedings against all the parties involved. We will attempt to bring back at least partial money stolen from the Iraqi people,” stated Osman.

“Former Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France” appeared to be among the high-ranking officials mentioned in the list. Presumably, this ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of France may be present-day delegate of the Euro Parliament Charl Pascua, who is well known for his friendship with Saddam.

In his recent interview with the French newspaper “Le Monde” Pascua stated that “he had been always distant from Iraq” and that he “had never accepted any bribes from Saddam.”

Al-Mada claims Hussein presented 12 million barrels of oil to Pascua. The ex-minister stated that 11 more Frenchmen aside from him are also included in the black list. French press informs that the list contains the name of the General Secretary of Friendship Association between France and Iraq as well as head of one French company Traficor or Travicor Patrick Mogan.

Some politicians preferred “to avoid publicity” of their names in oil contracts and simply asked for real money in exchange for their “friendship” with Saddam, informs “Ivestia”. Former Hussein's translator Abdul Madzhid recalls when during his first visit to Baghdad in 1987 president Chad Hissen Habre has shamelessly asked Saddam for a million barrels.

Vice-speaker of Russian State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky is also accused of being involved in the collusion. Allegedly, he has received 79,2 millions of barrels of oil from the Iraqi government in 1999. Zhirinovsky in turn denies all such allegations. Russian Communist Party “KPRF” along with the Russian Orthodox Church are also being accused in being involved in machinations with “black gold”.

Delegate of the Communist party “KPRF” Victor Ilyukhin is absolutely shocked, reported “Vremya Novostei”. “I am officially declaring that such information is a complete lie. We did not receive any money from Hussein,” declared Ilyukhin. He also added that “in case all of this was true, each member of our party would have become an oligarch by now.” “However, we are getting poorer and poorer,” lamented Iluykhin.

Moscow's patriarchate also denied such allegations of the Iraqi newspaper. Secretary of the Secretariat of Russian Orthodox Church father Mikhail Dudko stated in his interview with NewsRu that the Church is aware of such publication. “You obviously realize that the church has not received any money,” said father Mikhail.

Source: NewsRu       


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova