US Plans to Overthrow Venezuela President?

Washington may treat Chavez as an enemy of democracy who has sabotaged the referendum and thus must be overthrown
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez believes that the US is preparing to overthrow him. The leader of the South American country stated that in his traditional TV and radio appearance on Sunday called Hello, President!

According to Chavez, the United States may even support his assassination if a referendum on pre-term resignation of the president is not conducted in Venezuela.

On Saturday, Venezuela's National Council for Elections started checkup of over 3.4 million signatures collected by the opposition 1.5 months ago to support the referendum idea.

Hugo Chavez is sure that over half of the signatures are falsified. He says that if the checkup turns them down, Washington may treat him as an enemy of democracy who has sabotaged the referendum and thus must be overthrown.

The Venezuela president emphasizes he will draw attention of the world to the problem at the summit of the American continent presidents that started in Mexico on Monday.
Hugo Chavez made the statement when on Friday US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice recommended the Venezuela president to demonstrate devotion to democratic principles and allow the referendum in the country. In response to the statement, Chavez said Condoleezza Rice was "ignorant".

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Author`s name Michael Simpson